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Visiting address
Catator AB
Odlarevägen 10, SE-226 60 Lund, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)46 286 22 90


Catator introduce HeatCore technology – An ultra compact, fuel flexible condensing boiler.

Gas fired condensing boilers are energy efficient and show acceptable emission levels regarding both particulate as well as other pollutants (unburned hydro carbons (UHC), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx). The market, world wide, is dominated for since a long time of gas-fired boilers and the technology is considered as a rather mature technology. The improvement Catator focused on has been in compactness, almost half the size (and weight) comparing with conventional technology, as well as fuel flexibility, by using our novel and patented catalytic burners. Another important advantage is the integrated burner and heat exchange design, which makes the assembling very easy. The price of a HeatCore unit is also, according to our knowledge, very competitive.

A study of the HeatCore technology has been performed in collaboration with the Swedish Gas Center (SGC), Smidmek AB, Dometic AB and Peak EE. The report can be downloaded for free on (publication no 255)

Catator has started a sister company (HeatCore AB) to promote the commercialization of the technology. HeatCore will offer the technology to OEM customers within the boiler segment but also to OEM customers within the industrial and leisure markets.