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Hexiburner-combined combustion and steam production in FC-system

Hexiburner-combined combustion and steam production in FC-system

The HEXI units are normally manufactured of high temperature steel and welded together to prevent leakages and to withstand problems with corrosive solutions or gases. 

Integration of catalyst can be made in several ways. We can catalyze directly on the heat exchange plates and/or insert our mesh catalyst in-between two plates. 


The HEXI units have been used in a number of different applications but most commonly used in Fuel cell systems. They units have been customeized to perform different Fuel Processing reactions like SREF, WGS or PROX reactions, as well as for tail gas combustion with or without combination with steam production. HEXI units have also been used as an air/air heat exchange unit with an operation temperature up to 900 °C and for ammonia cracking.

Some examples of different developed plate structures and how the can be integrated/combined with mesh catalysts and/or catalyzing the plate surface directly is presented in the picture.