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Catator AB
Odlarevägen 10, SE-226 60 Lund, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)46 286 22 90

Efficient catalytic combustion with eco-burner Chafo systems


Catalytic mesh catalyst burner

Catalytic mesh catalyst burner

Established in 2004, eco-burner Ltd has revolutionized the chafing fuel industry by offering the ultimate solution to traditional gel and wick heat sources; the refillable Chafo. Safer, cleaner and greener than it’s alternatives, the Chafo is innovative and a game changer in the catering industry. The company is headquartered in Waterford, Ireland, which is the manufacturing and sales hub and supplies customer on a global scale. Eco-burner is now present in over 35 territories and are continuously growing new sales areas. The company has built a solid reputation within the hospitality sector and has attracted a customer base both in the end user market as well as the intermediary/distributor market.  Eco-burner design, develop and distribute the Chafo across the HORECA industry to industry leading brands such as Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental, Four Seasons and Shangri-La.  The Chafo has unique and patented safety devices and is easy to fill with Eco-burner fuel, which is supplied in a recyclable aerosol can.

Catator supplies the catalytic combustion catalyst to Chafo burners in the shape of a cylindrical mesh. There are a number of technical advantages with catalytic combustion, which is a flameless combustion technology, compared to traditional flame combustion. Some of the advantages are that a large portion of the heat of combustion is transferred to the chafing dish by radiation, avoiding of hot spots on the dish from flames and high thermal mechanical stability of the mesh catalyst.