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Catator AB
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Phone: +46 (0)46 286 22 90

Catalytic Combustion

Zero Emission combustion technoplogy
Catator can offer you several kinds of catalytic burners, all customized to fulfill your needs. The mesh catalyst concept offers zero emission technology for clean and efficient energy systems, as well as compact design with high efficiency and unlimited flexibility.

The major advantages of catalytic combustion, over conventional flame combustion, are:
- Zero Emission technology
- Fuel flexibility
- Compact and low weight
- High turn-down ratio
- Combustion on both rich and lean fuel/air mixtures

Hexiburner unit for Anode Waste Gas combustion in combination with steam production

Hexiburner unit for Anode Waste Gas combustion in combination with steam production

Start-up & anode waste gas burners to fuel processor systems and fuel cell systems 
All fuel cell systems need different kind of burner units as balance of plant equipment, such as start-up burner and/or tail gas burner. We offer safe, flameless catalytic designs. The shape of the burners can be customized according to customers requests.
HexiBurner: Efficient and compact heat transfer
The HexiBurner unit is a compact integrated catalytic burner and a plate heat exchange unit. It is an efficient and compact heat transfer unit, often needed in fuel cell systems. Catator design and manufacture the catalytic heat exchange units based on proprietary technology. We have the capacity and ability to customize the design of the units according to customers demands.

Heat production with catalytic burners
Catalytic burners can be used in many different applications. We have developed burners to be used as ceramic cooking plates, for indor heating, in domestic boilers and many other applications. Feel free to contact us with your requests.