Products with unique technology and many advantages
Catator’s mesh-based catalysts offer you a number of technical advantages like: compactness, geometric flexibility, low pressure drop, high efficiency, quick thermal response, high durability, etc.

Fuel Processor and Fuel Cell systems

Small scale hydrogen production mainly for fuel cell applications. We also offer a number of balance of plant components like catalytic or non-catalytic plate heat exchange units, catalytic tail gas burners, catalytic start-up burners, all normally needed in Fuel Cell systems.
We have also designed, constructed, assembled and demonstrated a number of different complete Fuel Cell systems operated on various fuels with various stack types. We therfore have excellent know-how regarding how to compromise between the different options when designing a FC-system.

Catalytic combustion

Catalytic burners for various fuels and applications, with or without integration with our own developed plate heat exchange technology.

Emission abatement systems

We have since many years delivered abatement systems for various applications. The key advantages are high efficiency combined with very compact size.

Catalytic heat exchanger

We design and manufacture plate heat exchangers that are either catalyzed or non-catalytic. They can be used for reformation reactions, as combustion units, for steam production or as high temperature gas-to-gas heat exchangers.


We have various catalyst formulations suitable for a number of different applications such as: decomposition of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), selective conversion of ammonia (NH3) to nitrogen gas (N2), elimination of ozon and other VOC compounds, reduction of NOx and laughing gas (Nitrous gas N2O).