Mesh catalysts

The mesh catalysts can be installed in various applications, and also as a retrofit installation, where it is impossible to use conventional alternatives such as monolith and pellet based catalysts. This due the very high degree of shape flexibility. We can offer a number of different type of mesh catalyst, all depending on the type of application.

One perfect example of shape flexibility is presented in the figure below. The figure shows a radiant burner equipped with our three-way catalyst for NOx reduction. The customer did not have to change anything in the burner design. We could install the catalyst by laser cutting the mesh catalyst so it could be mounted on the “star-shaped” burner.

DA – Efficient ammonia and odor elimination
DA catalyst is especially developed for elimination of ammonia (NH3) and odor compounds. Ammonia can be reduced with an extremely high selectivity and efficiency towards Nitrogen gas (N2), e.g. from 15 000 ppm of NH3 to outlet emissions of less than 25 ppm of both NH3 and NOx. This corresponds to a conversion degree, and selectivity to N2, of > 99.8% .

DNOX – Efficient NOx reduction catalyst

  • DVOC – VOC reduction catalyst

  • DOX – Peroxide decomposition catalyst

  • DCOMB – Efficient combustion catalyst

  • DSREF – Steam Reforming catalyst

  • DWGS – Water Gas shift catalyst

  • DPROX – Preferential oxidation catalyst

  • DSULF – DeSulphurization catalyst