HEXI – Heat exchange technology
Catalytic reactions are either endothermal or exothermal recations. Catator has always worked with integration of catalytic reactions and heat exchange technology. We have the know-how and the ability to design and to manufacture plate heat exchangers, or tube heat exchangers, which can be catalyzed in different ways. We can combine both exothermal (combustion) and endothermal reactions (reformation) on each side of a heat exchanger, which results in very compact units.

The catalyst can either be coated directly to the surface, by our patented coating technology, or be inserted as a mesh catalyst between two plates. This offers a number of design possibilities for a number of different applications. The Hexi-units are welded together and are made of high temperature steel in order to be used at high operation temperatures.

One application is our HexiFormer units for small scale hydrogen production (Fuel Processor product). Another application is as a combined combustion and steam production unit.