Catalytic emission abatement systems
We offer turn-key abatement systems based on either regenerative or recuperative catalytic technology. Both systems are extremely compact, compared to conventional systems, since the systems are based on our unique and patented mesh technology.

One of our specialties is to reduce odor emissions. It could be odor emission from compost plants, bio-gas production plants, food process plants or other industrial processes. The developed deodorization catalysts (DA catalyst) is also used for elimination of ammonia (NH3) with a very high selectivity (> 99%) towards formation of nitrogen (N2). The technology is used successfully in different industrial processes in Japan since more than 15 years.

Deodorization technology – a recuperative catalytic oxidizer system

The DEO systems are suitable to use when the energy content in the gas is medium or high so adiabatic operation conditions can be reached even if conventional heat exchange technology is used in the system.

MeshRegenOx – a regenerative catalytic oxidizer system

The MeshRegenOx system is a regenerative catalytic oxidizer unit. The possibility to oxidize organic compounds at low temperatures is combined with the high thermal efficiency of a regenerative heat exchange system. The result is a compact and efficient abatement system with low operation cost.