Products with unique technology and many advantages

Catator offer you novel reformer and fuel processing technology: minimum amount of catalyst with maximum performance, compact reactor with high efficiency, extreme flexibility and better economy.

Our efficient fuel processor units, for generation of hydrogen (H2), are multi-fuel processors and work with a wide range of fuels, e.g. natural gas, LPG, ethanol, methanol, diesel, kerosene and jet-fuel (JP8). We have reformers for SREF (Steam Reforming), CPO (Catalytic Partial Oxidation), ATR (Autothermal Reformer) and combination of the different reforming technologies (Multiformer).

The reformers can be supplied in capacities from a few tenth of Watt to hundreds of kWe. We offer customized design of the reformer units to optimize the packaging of the FC-systems.

The fuel processor units are often used in combination with different fuel cell stack technologies, such as Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) as well as High Temperature (HT) and Low Temperature (LT) Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells. The Hydrogen production units are also combined with different up-grading systems (like Pd-membrane or PSA systems) for production of pure Hydrogen for filling stations.

We also supply balance of plant (bop) components for FC systems. We can offer different types of catalytic burners, which are needed in Fuel Cell system like tail gas/anode waste gas (AWG) burners. We also offer our HEXIburner technology for H2 combustion in our integrated plate heat exchange systems.

We have designed, manufactured and demonstrated a number of different complete fuel cell systems. Our business strategy is not to sell complete FC-systems but we have learned tremendously much by assembling and evaluating complete FC systems. We can support you with the design of FC-systems!

OptiFormer: Efficient steam reforming

The OptiFormer fuel processor is a highly efficient steam reforming unit (SREF). Catator’s unique mesh catalysts, inserted in coil-shaped tubes, ensures high thermo-mechanical strength, which results in high durability. The OptiFormer can also include a Water Gas Shift (WGS) section as well be provided with a Preferential Oxidation (PROX) section. The Optiformer systems are certified to be used for pressurized systems.

HexiFormer: Plate heat exchange fuel processors

The HexiFormer fuel processor is based on a plate heat exchange design. It is offered as an individual unit for SREF, WGS and PROX reactions. The HexiFormer units are operated with a very accurate temperature control, and can be used for temperatures up to 950° C.

MultiFormer: Dual fuel processor

The MultiFormer fuel processor is preferably used with SOFC stacks. The unit can be operated in both Catalytic Partial Oxidation (CPO) mode and Autothermal Reformer (ATR) mode. The Multiformer units have mainly been used for reformation of jetfuel , like JP8, or other similar fuels that contains high concentration of Sulphur.

Demonstration of complete Fuel cell systems

We have designed and demonstrated a number of fuel cell systems operated with different type of fuels and type of cell stack technologies. The capacity of the demonstrated units have been from some tenth of We up to several kWe.