The Bosch group is a leading global supplier of technology and services in various field of applications. It is the world’s largest supplier of automotive components like controls, electrical drives, and electronics. The Bosch group is also very well-known to all consumers from all household appliances and power tools.

Growth through innovation – is one of the lead words of Bosch. The Bosch group filed over 4.000 patent applications during 2014 and have over 90 engineering sites worldwide where thousands of researches work on new innovations.

Catator is working together with one of these research groups in the development of environmental friendly and sustainable energy products.

Fuel Processor (FP) systems; OptiFormer, MultiFormer, HexiFormer
Fuel Cell (FC) systems; ComfortPower, OptiPower, CorePower, LigthPower

Catator has delivered a number FP and FC systems for evaluation in different type of applications. The FC systems are based on different type of fuel cell stacks (LT-PEM, HT-PEM, tubular and planar SOFC) as well as operated on a number of different fuels, both gases and liquid fuels including fuels that contian high levels of Sulphur (like JP8).

More information about our FP and FC technologies can be found under Products.

Established in 2004, eco-burner Ltd has revolutionized the chafing fuel industry by offering the ultimate solution to traditional gel and wick heat sources; the refillable Chafo burner.

Catator supplies the catalytic combustion catalyst to Chafo burners in the shape of a cylindrical mesh. There are a number of technical advantages with catalytic combustion, which is a flameless combustion technology, compared to traditional flame combustion. Some of the advantages are that a large portion of the heat of combustion is transferred to the chafing dish by radiation, avoiding of hot spots on the dish from flames, and the high thermal mechanical stability of the mesh catalyst.

Five DEO-300 units

Catator has delivered 5 DEO-300 units at ScanTube production plant at Åland, Finland, during 2014. Scantube is a world-leading producer of flouropolymer tubing.

The production at Scantube is performed on several individual production lines. The plastic material is mixed with industrial Naphtha, which is evaporated during the production process. The emissions of Naphtha are reduced to more than 95% in Catator’s delivered emission abetment systems, the DEO-300 systems. The size of a DEO-300 unit is 1,2×0,8×1,0 m (LxWxH).

DA and DVOX catalysts

Separett manufactures toilets designed to satisfy your need for comfort wherever you may be. Separett was founded in 1976 and is today one of the world’s leading manufacturer of urine separating toilets.

Catator supply a deodorization catalyst to one of Separetts product – Flame 8000 which is a incinerating toilet.

Examples of different EC funded projects.

Aim: Development of an intelligent, self-sustained and zero CO2 emission hybrid energy system to cover electric power, heating and cooling loads (tri-generation) of either residential/commercial buildings or districts of buildings
Catator: Delivery of H2 burner to a residential boiler

Aim: Development of a novel compact multi fuel steam reforming device integrated into a cost effective Fuel Cell Micro Combined Heat & Power generation system for residential building application
Catator: Delivery of Fuel Processor catalysts (SREF, WGS, PROX)

Aim: The aim of the CHRISGAS Project was to demonstrate the production of a clean hydrogen-rich synthesis gas from biomass.
Catator: Development and evaluation of different catalysts needed in the gasification project

Aim: The Enspirit ('Eliminating NOx, SOx & Particulate in Rail Transportation') project is developing an innovative emissions abatement system to reduce pollution and to meet stringent new particle matter regulations.
Catator: Delivery of catalysts

Aim: The SUAV project aims to develop a micro-tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) power system and to integrate into a mini-UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).
Catator: Delivery of Fuel Processor catalyst including anode waste gas combustion catalyst.

LiquidPower -
Aim: Research and development of 1-10kW fuel cell systems and hydrogen supply for early market applications
Catator: Delivery of a pressurized Fuel Processor system with a capacity of 10 Nm3/h of hydrogen.

Catator is a world wide supplier of catalysts and catalytic systems