Unique, proprietary, catalyst technology
Minimum catalyst. Maximum performance. A compact reactor with high efficiency. A catalyst you can bend and shape to fit just about any configuration.

The electron microscope picture, to the right, shows the porous surface layer of the mesh after using our patented manufacturing process. The high mechanical stability of the catalyst is verified by a variety of tests, both by us but especially by customers.

Break with convention
Conventional catalysts often have serious drawbacks. Catator’s wire-mesh catalysts are unconventional. They offer structured catalysis with customized solutions based on our internationally patented wire-mesh catalyst technology. They open up new design opportunities for major improvements in productivity, selectivity and system integration in a wide range of applications.

The mesh catalyst can be laser cut, folded and shaped in almost any kind of shapes. They are used in various applications, where it would have been impossible to install conventional type of catalysts such as monolith and pellet based catalysts. The installation of mesh catalysts has sometimes even been performed without any change in original products or process lines.

Many pros, few cons
Catator’s technology is based on our proprietary catalyst manufacturing technology, which let us produce highly efficient catalyst on any kind of substrate like wire meshes, heat exchange plates or any other type of surface of interest.

Application of the catalyst in the form of a robust mesh leads to several techno-economic advantages. From the chemical standpoint the turbulence induced causes rapid heat and mass transfer, leading in turn to much smaller catalyst volumes and reactor sizes. The design also allows defined temperature profiles to be used.

In addition, the simplicity and compactness of the reactors lead to much reduced plant size and weight and allow for installation in confined spaces.

The future
Catator’s catalyst solutions refine and integrate different processes to create new advantages for our customers. Our multidisciplinary technologies, combinations of catalysis with other technologies such as our own plate heat exchange technology, open the door to unique and breakthrough catalytic solutions. Each new discovery creates new opportunities for new applications and combinations of catalysis with other technologies.

There’s a good reason for our optimism: we have yet to see any limits!